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Thinking about Jay “no hyphen” Z, Priscilla Queen of the Desert and more

    • Mascot for mascots

      MSN Money says “fast-food mascots are an endangered species” because millennials don’t think they’re cool. I, for one, am way more interested in the Hamburglar than your self-pimping videos on Vine. —Erin Ryan, staff writer

    • Stream dream

      Netflix’s Orange is the New Black: Leave all assumptions about a series detailing a Connecticut WASP’s stint in prison at the guard gate. These are some of the most interesting and boundary-pushing characters on televis—er, you know what I mean. —Andrea Domanick, contributing writer

    • Queen for a few weeks

      Priscilla Queen of the Desert ended its shorter-than-expected run at the Venetian on Sunday night. It was a fabulous five-week ride, ladies! —Don Chareunsy, contributing editor

    • Stylebook

      Dear Jay “no hyphen” Z, Snoop Lion and the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince, please pick a name and stick with it. Love, writers and editors everywhere. —Sarah Feldberg, editor

    • Winning?

      OJ wants to play himself on Anger Management. One hand: ridiculous and offensive. The other hand: He was pretty good in those Naked Gun movies ... —Rick Lax, staff writer

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