Film here now! Local spots we’d like to see on the big screen

Imagine an action scene taking place on the Fremont Street Experience canopy.
Photo: Sam Morris

In a move that could soon lure more moviemakers to Nevada, the state Legislature recently approved a bill giving tax credits to those who choose to make their movies in the Silver State. Nic Cage isn’t the only one who’s pumped. We’ve already compiled our wish list for some great locales we’d like to see on the big screen, along with a general plot outline. Filmmakers, just thank us in the credits.

The alleyway behind the Beauty Bar and the Griffin south of Fremont Street. It has a nice gritty, urban feel. Gus Van Sant should love it—and its smell.

Atop the Stratosphere. The feel-good, carnival atmosphere would be perfect for a romantic comedy. Or the culminating scene of an edge-of-your-seat action movie.

On top of the Fremont Street Experience’s electric canopy. We see this as the climax of a hair-raising chase scene.

The abandoned mines outside Searchlight. The ideal, innately dark setting for a horror movie. Or a cautionary tale à la Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

The Hoover Dam bypass. This vertigo-inducing locale seems like an ideal BASE jump situation for James Bond. Oh, and in 3D.

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