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Photographing Electric Daisy Carnival

Fans enjoy Headhunterz set at the Electric Daisy Carnival Festival, EDC, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Sunday morning, June 23, 2013.
Photo: Yasmina Chavez
Yasmina Chavez

Day 2 of 2013 EDC: Dawn

Electric Daisy Carnival | Las Vegas Motor Speedway | June 23, 2013

This was my first time at EDC, and going into the festival I expected a rave-like atmosphere on steroids. I got that, but I also got glimpses of people so enraptured in the experience that time seemed to stop around them—at least this is how I’ve romanticized my photographic venture. Then again, this time-stopping phenomenon could be attributed to the sun rising, causing the fervor to settle and beautifully juxtaposing the die-hard dancers with weary solo onlookers. Regardless, the intensity and pure joy of the festival is something to be experienced—and a photographic candy store.


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