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Green Valley Town Center finds new energy, thanks to a luxury movie theater

The Galaxy Luxury+ Theatre opened its doors to the public Friday, March 8.
Photo: Eli Segall

I remember children dancing in the fountains between Barley’s and Pick Up Stix; parents grocery shopping at Smith’s; junior high schoolers escaping mom and dad for afternoon movies at Green Valley Town Center on Sunset Road in Henderson. I bought cassette tapes at Wherehouse Music, and I can still taste the banana split “birthday cake” I had in fourth grade at Swensen’s Ice Cream. As a native Las Vegan raised in Henderson, some of my fondest memories involve Town Center, right down to the decorative tiles—totally painted one of those suckers in elementary school! And when I reached high school, Town Center was the place to be seen, whether you were going on a date or grabbing a coffee.

The old United Artists theater was a great anchor, effectively drawing dining and retail to the suburban strip mall. But as Green Valley grew, many of those outlets closed. Others came and went, and about eight years ago the theater left, too, more or less marking the death of the once-vibrant center.

I’m not alone in remembering what it was. When I posted a Vegas Inc story on Galaxy Luxury+ Theatre—a luxury cinema with recliners and booze-friendly movies that opened last week—former longtime Green Valley residents commented, some sharing their own memories of Town Center and many excited about revitalization.

And there’s further reason to be excited: Dip Sticks Dessert Pops Bakery has been open in the former Starbucks location for around seven months now. Vegas Inc reported an Asian buffet will soon open, and other potential tenants have expressed interest in the plaza, which is owned by American Nevada, a company under the same ownership as the Las Vegas Weekly.

It seems that Town Center is on the rise, that this once-thriving hub may returns to its former glory. And this Henderson kid, well, he’s pretty excited about it.


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