Slots with a butler: Venetian’s new high-limit parlor allows you to bet $5K per spin

Room to spend: The Venetian’s High-Limit Slot Parlor offers luxury at $5,000 a spin.
Geoff Johnson

Here’s your dilemma: The Dow’s at an all-time high, you have money to burn, but table games aren’t your thing. Blackjack’s hard, craps is complex and baccarat’s boring. The Venetian’s got your hookup. The casino just opened a High-Limit Slot Parlor with machines that’ll let you bet $5,000 a spin.

If you spin the wheel every, let’s say, 15 seconds, you’ll gamble more than a million an hour. Or you can slum at the $5 machine and bet $1,200 an hour. Either way, you’re going to get perks: a butler, a 55-inch plasma TV and access to the Gold Club Lounge.

The parlor also includes amenities for players' friends, including sofas and televisions.

The parlor also includes amenities for players' friends, including sofas and televisions.

A Venetian spokesman says high-limit slot parlors are “new to the Las Vegas market. They provide a secluded area for guests to play. We try to include the comforts of home, including for players’ friends to hang out. This area has a sofa and TV. Think of the transformation of a coffee shop in the 1990s—providing areas for friends to sit and have fun, while drinking their coffee. This is a similar phenomenon.”

(The difference: An hour at the slot parlor will cost only slightly more than your afternoon Starbucks run—especially if you get the Trenta.)

Of course, it’s no secret that high-limit slot rooms are generally empty. But maybe the tide is turning. We’ve got a new $2 billion casino in the works, we’ve got ultra-fancy clubs opening at MGM and Mandalay Bay, and we’ve got people eager to buy tickets to a musical adaptation of Honeymoon in Vegas starring Tony Danza. Suddenly, spending $5,000 on a slot spin doesn’t sound so crazy.


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