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Leaving Las Vegas: Comparing Miss America and our lawmakers’ medical marijuana trip

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First Miss America, now our own lawmakers. Seems everyone’s getting out of town these days. The famed pageant announced recently that it was packing its sashes and heading for the pristine streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey, starting in 2013. And last Friday, six elected officials—accompanied by reporters, photographers and TV cameras—headed to Arizona to visit a medical marijuana dispensary. We couldn’t resist comparing the two trips.

What it is

Miss America: A 92-year-old competition for women ages 17-24. Winning comes with scholarship money, a sweet crown and the admiration of pageant girls everywhere.

Medical Marijuana Tour: A visit to an Arizona medical marijuana dispensary and grow house by six Nevada legislators. “I’ve never seen bud this good,” Sen. Tick Segerblom said. #winning

Local ties

Miss America: The pageant has been held in Las Vegas for the past six years but is ditching us for its original home, Atlantic City. And Miss Nevada has never won. Ever.

Medical Marijuana Tour: The Nevada legislators used a furlough day to make the trip as research for Senate Bill 374, sponsored by Segerblom.

Should you care?

Miss America: Sure. The competition is all about rewarding young women for their talents (Tap! Baton twirling! Classical singing!), character and really big hair. Of course, we still have Miss America’s sexier cousin, Miss USA.

Medical Marijuana Tour: Yes! Bill 374 would allow for nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries in Nevada, eliminating the current catch-22 for patients who can legally possess medical marijuana but can’t legally obtain it.

The bottom line

Miss America: Miss America is finally heading back to the armpit of America.

Medical Marijuana Tour: Nevada is finally getting up to speed on weed.

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