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The Weekly guide to getting your own official holiday in Las Vegas

On July 29, 2014—Lay’s Cappuccino Potato Chip Day—we saw our moment. If the City of Las Vegas officially proclaimed a day in honor of weird snack food, then why couldn’t its eponymous weekly magazine get some propers?

It turns out there’s a proclamation request form, and the city’s Senior PIO Jace Radke says the mayor’s office fields a lot of them. In the past three years of Carolyn Goodman’s term, she has signed 824, declaring days (just for that year, not in perpetuity) that celebrate a little bit of everything: Eritrean independence to Deadmau5’s Wynn residency, Korean pop music to organizations that fight cancer and help the homeless dress for success.

If it promotes the city (i.e., the cappuccino chip is the brainchild of a local), then the mayor happily signs her name. Rejection is “rare” and usually tied to an incomplete application or over-the-top commercial promotion. All you have to do is submit the form at least two weeks in advance, stating your desired day and title with a few sentences as to why you deserve some recognition.

We like August 15; it’s the day Julia Child and Crisco were born, the debut of the original Woodstock and the Hollywood premiere of The Wizard of Oz. The title is harder: Maybe Las Vegas Weekly Gets a Day by Writing an Article About Getting a Day Day. Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

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