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A CCCN partnership offers free sunscreen to Wet ‘n’ Wild patrons

A partnership between Wet ‘n’ Wild and the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada offers park patrons free sunscreen at a new kiosk near the park’s entrance.

Going to Wet ‘n’ Wild? Leave that sunscreen at home!

Okay, that’s probably the worst advice you’ve heard all summer long, but thanks to a partnership between the water park and the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, WnW patrons can now score free ‘screen at the park’s front gates.

That’s right – no more shelling out dough for yet another emergency bottle if you forget the Coppertone at home. Just head to the convenient kiosk at the park’s entrance, where complimentary SPF 30 will be doled out to the thrifty and forgetful. The free sunscreen is both waterproof and paraben- and oxybenzone-free, and will be available for the remainder of WnW’s operating season.

The partnership comes at what seems to be a crucial time for the country’s skin health. With more than 3.5 million diagnoses in over 2 million people annually, the Skin Cancer Foundation reports that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the country – that’s more new cases annually than the combined diagnoses of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers. Lathering up is also a good idea to avoid skin aging and damage, as the Foundation reports those who use sunscreen each day will show “24 percent less skin aging” than those who don’t.

“Many negative skin conditions are fully avoidable with a hands-on approach and preventative measures,” said James Kilber, executive director of the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, via release. “We hope that park guests will take advantage of the awareness messaging and free sunscreen throughout the remainder of the season."

The partnership also features educational elements, as the kiosk is decorated with skin safety tips and periodic audio messages are now played on the park’s PA system throughout the day, reminding patrons to apply sunscreen and offering other proactive tips for skin protection.

In addition to the kiosk at the entrance, two additional booths will soon be installed at WnW’s Red Rock Bay wave pool and the Splash Island children’s area.

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