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With iPromoteVegas, your turnkey travel business is at your fingertips

iPromoteVegas’ website and its 5,000-plus affiliates around the globe offer Vegas bookings.

Click on Packages > Bachelor > Buns & Guns. Peruse the promises of rock-star/VIP treatment. Fill out the reservation form or call a specialist who can plan and book your entire trip, from private jet transportation to dinners and nightclub passes. That’s the model for travel agent/concierge/deal database—and more than 5,000 affiliates worldwide, thanks to year-old offshoot iPromoteVegas.

Through, a bar owner in Australia, a casino host in Macau or an enterprising Las Vegas local can pay $30 a month for the VegasGoodBuys platform—a web portal (personalized for individual brands) with established booking and accounting systems, support for sales and customer service and an arsenal of pre-negotiated discounts for Vegas accommodations, dining and entertainment. Affiliates get commission on bookings through them, adding up to more than $2 million in iPromoteVegas’ first year, according to a recent news release. It’s a bit head-scratching why the CEO of both companies, 27-year-old Brett Talla, would share the market slice he’s been building since 2011.

“I feel like there’s a much, much greater percentage in new business that they’re bringing to the table, and it’s worth giving them some of the current business,” he says. Affiliate site VIPnVegas is hard to tell apart from VegasGoodBuys, but Talla says such partners are generating significant leads for the central booking engine. “I kind of started the way that my affiliates are starting … using and leveraging other people’s deals and branding them as my own.”

The pool of visitors hoping to skip lines and pop bottles at primo tables in Vegas is huge. But couldn’t they find deals directly through venues? Maybe, though Talla says the convenience of a one-stop shop with local connections is valuable. “I can really help you package your itinerary together so you have one contact as opposed to five different contacts in Las Vegas. You can come to me for everything.” Him, or one of his 5,000 new friends.

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