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Nevada, defined (by Google Trends searches)

Photo: Marvin Lucas

Can you define a state by what it Googles? In the case of Nevada, perhaps you can. A Seattle-based real estate site, Estately, compiled a list of 10 years’ worth of Google Trends searches for every state, and while some are just plain bizarre (California’s list includes “bros before hos,” “dandruff cure,” “Paris Hilton,” “Pokemon” and “What does Siri look like?”), Nevada’s seems to make complete sense … well, mostly. “Gamblers Anonymous”? Duh. Frankly, we’d be surprised if that wasn’t on there (and good for those seeking it out). “Tattoo removal”? Las Vegas is the city of rash decisions, right? Lori Edwards, a technician at Tattoo Vanish, says the No. 1 reason people lose their ink is “regrettables, which always involves a name.” Others are members of the military or former gang members trying to get a job; cocktail servers and strippers, she says, usually just hide them with makeup. “Guy Fieri,” “online poker” and “breast implants”? Next! How about “Bitcoin”? Nevada just got its first Bitcoin ATM at the D casino, which, along with the Golden Gate, began accepting the currency in January. “Quiet Riot”? Hmmm … Singer Kevin DuBrow lived in Las Vegas and died in his home in 2007. That and Las Vegas’ fascination with ’80s hard rock (see: Guns N’ Roses’ residency, not to mention tons of cover bands). But “Great White,” as in the band? Uh, come up with your own explanation—we’ve got nothing.

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