The play-as-you-travel TV show: Introducing ‘The Game Plane’

Antiques Roadshow‘s Mark Walberg hosts The Game Plane.

People on their way to Las Vegas are ready to have fun—hence all those tiny bottles of booze and “Vegas!” cheers upon landing. So why not take advantage of that attitude with some friendly competition in the friendly skies?

The Game Plane, a syndicated show that launched last weekend in more than 70 markets including Las Vegas, is a partnership between Vegas-based Allegiant Air and LA-based production company Alpine Labs, and gets nearly the entire flight involved in a play-as-you-travel experience. Think of it as Cash Cab at 600 mph.

“Contestants” are informed of the game before departing for Las Vegas, according to Brian Davis, vice president of business development for Allegiant. (The Game Plane is also taped on flights to Orlando and Hawaii.) If passengers choose not to participate, they’re sat near the front of the plane, with filming taking place in the middle of the cabin—roughly the 17th row—for best sound quality.

With Antiques Roadshow’s Mark Walberg as host, games range from general trivia to putting a golf ball to a game of hot potato featuring a baby that might cry at any moment. Contestants are chosen at random based on playing cards they draw before takeoff, and prizes include everything from show tickets to room upgrades to cash. Every show culminates in a chance to win the “Big Deal,” a VIP-style showcase.

Davis says the response to the show has been “overwhelming,” adding some great stories have already been captured. “You can’t make this up: The very first flight we filmed on, the girl who wound up winning the ‘Big Deal,’ it was the first time she’d ever flown on an airplane.”

The Game Plane Saturdays, 12:30 p.m., KVVU, Channel 5.

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