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Smoked mirrors and bulletproof windows: Lefty Rosenthal’s crib is on the market

A look inside Lefty Rosenthal’s house for sale on 972 Vegas Valley Drive.
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People who live in glass houses ought to make them bulletproof, particularly if the stones they’re throwing are aimed at the mob. That’s sort of the approach Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal took with the ample windows overlooking the golf course in his Las Vegas home—steel framing, bulletproof doors and windows.

Lefty Rosenthal’s House for Sale

“It’s kind of built like the Fort Knox of Las Vegas,” says Brian Burns, the listing agent for the famous home that once belonged to the mob-affiliated sports bettor-turned-FBI informant, whose life inspired Martin Scorsese’s Casino. Rosenthal died in 2008 at age 79.

The Las Vegas Country Club home, built in 1970, was listed three weeks ago at $777,000. It still has many Rosenthal-era elements, including the bulletproof windows and some art and furniture, according to Burns. Potential buyers will also find smoked-glass mirrors and a sunken living room. “It’s very quintessential 1970s Las Vegas.”

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