Local teens engage in the sex-ed debate on ‘The Daily Show’

A recent Daily Show segment featured local members of the Nevada Teen Health and Safety Coalition.

“Kids today have so many cute questions. Why do the doggies have tails? Why does the moon follow us? What’s a rusty trombone?” Jon Stewart said, opening a Daily Show segment featuring local members of the Nevada Teen Health and Safety Coalition.

Correspondent Jordan Klepper interviewed the teens—who’ve been advocating for sex education in the state to be “medically accurate and inclusive”—about what they need to know to make “healthy, responsible and educated decisions about our own bodies.” They came off earnest and insightful. “Princeton Mom” and author Susan Patton, on the other hand … let’s just say her advice to young people was to rely on their parents and Google for vital information about sex. Klepper’s response was a nauseated pause and: “I’m sorry, I was just thinking about my mom teaching me about the clitoris.”

The segment aired February 11, and about a week later, local students and parents reportedly shared their views on sex-ed curriculum at a meeting of Clark County School District’s Sex Education Advisory Committee. The meeting was called to discuss the results of a parent survey about what is being taught, and what should be. For now, Klepper cleared one thing up. “These kids think vomit-inducing parental chats aren’t the solution.”

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