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What happens if you’re caught with drugs at EDC?

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas -- unless, of course, you get caught. EDC organizer Insomniac has taken an increasingly bullish approach to substance-abuse prevention at the fest, offering everything from drug-drop amnesty boxes to the Ground Control wellness team. But the fact remains that some festival-goers will still try to smuggle in or buy drugs onsite, and not all will get away with it.

Last year, LVMPD reported 73 felony narcotics arrests over the event’s three days. Still, getting caught doesn’t necessarily result in arrest. "Any and all narcotics crimes are open for investigation,” said Metro Officer Michael Rodriguez. “What happens varies with each person. It really depends on what and how much they have.”

Those who are found with small amounts of drugs during security searches will have the substance confiscated and may still be allowed to enter the festival. More often, however, they’ll get turned over to a Metro officer. Whether at the gates or inside the fest, those caught by Metro are taken to an onsite processing center where charges are determined.

Those charged with a misdemeanor will be issued a citation and ejected from the festival. For those charged with felonies, the night is far from over—they remain in a holding area until they can be escorted in groups to jail. Wide awake, indeed.

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