Fantasizing about sweet partnerships that would pamper fans of the 51s


On March 14, the Chicago Cubs will take on the Oakland A’s for Big League Weekend at Cashman Field. And the crowd will take on the UV rays with complimentary sunscreen! We have the Las Vegas 51s to thank, as they’ve teamed with Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada to raise awareness and lower skin damage. And we can’t help wondering about other partnerships the 51s might forge to spoil their devoted spectators.

• Coaster Pedicab California and Texas already have the rickshaw-ish bike service, and we’re envisioning a setup where you step from your car directly into a cab that takes you to the stadium stairs. Conserve energy for heckling pitchers.

• Kazoobie Kazoos Soccer can keep the vuvuzela. It’s time for baseball fans to toot kazoos at tense moments. But why limit ourselves to the standard instrument when there’s a KaZobo with dual resonators and a 10-inch horn?!

• Miller Park It might seem strange to hit up the home of the Milwaukee Brewers to amp up our Cashman snackage, until you see the pork parfait. There’s a reason it has its own Twitter feed of worshippers—gravy layers.

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