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A home for Generation Y? Our suggestions for millennial-minded digs

A home for Generation Y? That’s what Pardee Homes and Builder Magazine aimed to do with its Responsive Home Project.

A home designed specifically for Generation Y? That’s what Pardee Homes and Builder Magazine aim to do with their Responsive Home project, which surveyed millennials on their opinions of the ideal living space. The results have been tabulated, and two Responsive Homes conceptualized, each featuring adaptable floor plans with “powerful” indoor-outdoor workflow, contemporary aesthetics and technology-enabled automation and energy performance.

As construction begins at Henderson’s Inspirada community June 1, we thought we’d offer a few additions:

Social media voice command-assisted bathrooms. Why wait until you’re off the throne to throw up that #TBT post?

Instagram filter-lit walk-in closets. Choosing an outfit will be easier to do in Aden or Valencia, right?

Selfie-stick mounts. When you’re looking fleek you’ll want that extra hand for more posing potential.

Snapchat doorbells. Because: kids these days.

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