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Insomniac hosts another Reddit AMA—this time on sober raving and overall safety

Insomniac hosted another AMA (Ask Me Anything) chat on Reddit September 2 about sober raving and overall safety.
Photo: Steve Marcus

Electric Daisy Carnival producer Insomniac participated in another “Ask Me Anything” chat on Reddit September 2, inviting fans to join the online discussion about sober raving and overall safety.

Director of Health and Safety Maren Steiner and Consciousness Group Volunteer Manager Patt Ochoa represented, answering questions on topics ranging from the absence of groups like DanceSafe (insurance policies prevent its presence—go figure) to the negative stigma surrounding rave culture (they encourage fans to “speak up” and get involved in their local governments to change mind-sets).

And while it was an “Ask Me Anything” chat, a few questions went unanswered. Steiner and Ochoa remained silent on inquiries about the presence of police dogs at the festival gates and the price of bottled water (one participant specifically called out Coachella’s mandate that vendors sell the stuff for only $2, while one bottle will set you back around $7 at EDC), and didn’t give a specific answer about whether they would consider taking their festivals 21+ (Hard recently announced its Day of the Dead fest would require participants to be of legal drinking age). Instead, Steiner urged fans to—you guessed it—get involved in their local governments.

Whatever wasn’t addressed, and regardless of personal opinions of rave culture, it’s nice to see Insomniac opening up such an important dialogue.

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