Brody’s World’ spins once more at Ovation, then Brody’s world is Southern California

Brody Dolyniuk, frontman of Yellow Brick Road, performs during the opening night of his one-man show “Brody’s World” on Tuesday, June 29, 2010, at Ovation at Green Valley Ranch.
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To quote one of his favorite bands, Brody Dolyniuk is goin’ to California.

Zigging just when we thought he was about to zag, the former frontman of the classic-rock band Yellow Brick Road has formally informed his fans that he is leaving Las Vegas. That happens come Monday (it’ll be alright), just four days after Dolyniuk fires out another performance of his rock ’n’ roll impression show “Brody’s World” on Friday night at Ovation at Green Valley Ranch (tickets are $9.95, $19.95 plus tax and applicable fees per ticket for booths and you must purchase entire booth. The show is at 8 p.m.; call 547-5300 for information).

Dolyniuk has not specified exactly where he is moving, other than to say it is “an undisclosed location in Southern California where it is 75 degrees right now.” As Dolyniuk spoke, he was driving along the I-15, and the temperature was about 105.

Of course, as they say, it is not the heat, it’s the humility. Or something. Dolyniuk has been a star performer immensely popular among Las Vegas rock fans since founding YBR in 1997. But he left the band in May, citing personal, physical and creative fatigue.

“I don’t need to be here, and I was staying here for reasons that maybe I didn’t necessarily need or want,” Dolyniuk said. “I have spent a lot of energy putting a Strip show together, and it never panned out, and it’s probably a good thing that never happened because I’d be stuck in a six-night-a-week situation and bored and frustrated with that.”

The heat has taken a toll on Dolyniuk’s voice, that has been clear. He sounded a little raspy in his appearance on “Kats With the Dish” soon after he announced that he was leaving YBR. Obviously the climate in Vegas -- which sits in a desert and was dry and hot when Dolyniuk moved here from High Desert, Calif., 20 years ago -- has taken a physical toll. He was more willing to deal with what he didn’t like about Las Vegas when he was pursuing his vision of a standing production in a Strip showroom.

“I’ve dealt with it because I’ve had to,” he reasoned. “I finally said, ‘Screw this. I don’t need to deal with this anymore.’ I’m only 4 hours away. I can visit. I just don’t feel like going outside when it’s 105 degrees. It’s very depressing.”

Dolyniuk will still sing with the touring show “The Music of Queen,” a performance by the national company Windborne Music. His “Symphonic Rock Show” in June at Henderson Pavilion drew a venue-record 3,000 fans for a show piloted by Dolyniuk, Lon Bronson and 30 of the city’s best musicians. There is some interest in some interesting quarters in returning the symphonic show to Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Dolyniuk will pop in and out of the Windborne Queen tribute shows and entertain offers to play corporate gigs with that production or “Brody’s World.”

“I’ve been looking at doing this for the past few months,” Dolyniuk said. “I just decided to pack it up and go to Calilfornia. I’ve got no plans. I just want to move, get settled and figure it out later.”

Dolyniuk refers to his new home as “the outskirts of Vegas,” and who knows how often he’ll be back.

Personally, I’ll always wonder what might have been in Vegas for Dolyniuk. He’s one of the best showmen I’ve seen here, or anywhere. Even if his is not full departure from Vegas, he’ll be missed by anyone who loves live rock ’n’ roll.

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