The dance between BBR and ‘Pin Up’ makes its way to the stage

Anne Martinez, shown onstage at Broadway Theater with BBR.
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'Pin Up' Sneak Peek

Members of BBR, shown during their premiere performance at Broadway Theater, from left: Anne Martinez, Savannah Smith and Tara Palsha.

Well, this was bound to happen: A bond has been forged between the vocal group BBR and “Pin Up” at Stratosphere.

BBR is the new vocal group, the acronym for which stands for Blonde, Brunette and a Redhead: This triumvirate debuted at Broadway Theater on the Strip last week.

The consensus, and I mean this is the response almost to a person, is BBR has potential to be something special. All this act needs is a little tightening in pace and some strong rudder work musically. Another dozen or so shows would be great for Anne Martinez (or, as she is often introduced, Anne Barr), Savannah Smith and Tara Palsha to develop the ample potential of these performers.

This process is similar to golf: Hit 100 balls a day, and you’ll become good.

At golf, I mean. Not at putting on a show.

But there is some fascinating, outside-BBR activity for two of the singers in this lineup, and “Pin Up” is in play. Martinez was onstage in the new Strat show Saturday, Sunday and Monday as the production’s unannounced vocalist.

Martinez stepped in for Autumn Belanger, who opened the production and had been featured as its one and only singer until last weekend.

Otherwise, plans for the show are about as foggy as the brew bubbling from Claire Sinclair’s cauldron in the show’s “October” scene. Martinez is likely back this week for the shows beginning Thursday. Smith, who is a singer (and whoa is she good) in “Vegas! The Show,” is likely to get some stage time, too, though there have been no formal discussions of when or how to bring her into the "Pin Up" lineup.

Nor is it clear when Belanger is to return to the show. Strat VP of Entertainment Matt Mascali, one of the officials who makes such decisions as who will sing in “Pin Up,” says only that Belanger is still in the mix of vocalists producers plan to put onstage.

Of course, if you’re the center singer at the start of the show, suddenly being in a mix of vocalists is something less than a promotion.

The fallout is, five weeks after its soft opening and three weeks before its gala premiere set for April 29, the show is still trying out singers. We expected a lot from “Pin Up,” a song-and-dance show filled with great song and dance.

But the juggling? That’s a bonus.

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