A proper birthday celebration for Playboy Club’s second year


In the last month or so two Vegas birthdays have passed by almost without notice. October 15 marked the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Bellagio. But as Steve Friess reported, “They did almost nothing. … No star-studded party. No special deals for favorite guests. No souvenir chips. Not even a press release.”

Exactly one month later another birthday slipped by with little fan fare. The Palms turned seven on November 15th, but once again the press and the celebration were kept to a minimum.

However, tonight at The Palms an anniversary will be celebrated in proper Vegas style, with lots of shwag, an exceedingly large cake (that no one in skimpy clothing wants to eat) and a damn good party. Tonight, Playboy Club turns two.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from The Girls Next Door, it’s that Playboy and its legendary founder never pass on an excuse to party. If you live by the same ethos, slip back on your stilettos and help the bunnies celebrate Playboy Club’s second birthday.

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