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Ryan Olbrysh

Thanks to the United States’ strange notions of adulthood coupled with legislative restrictions, twenty-first birthdays in this country tend to be full of inflated importance that takes the form of Patron shots, regrettable Jager bombs and gratuitous ID flashing. See this wallet-sized piece of plastic? Yea, I can drink legally. Wassssuuuup!

It makes sense then that when you’re from a city known for hosting more lavish parties than rainstorms you would head home to celebrate the big 2-1. And that’s exactly what Panic at the Disco drummer Spencer Smith is doing. Today is Smith’s birthday, and he’ll be joined by fellow Summerlin native, Panic guitarist and childhood friend Ryan Ross, at Blush Boutique Nightclub for a double header birthday party celebrating both Smith’s big day and Ross’s 22nd birthday, which was August 30th.

While being a famous musician generally means that petty obstacles like under age IDs don’t stand much in the way of having a blast, we’d still like to wish both local musicians a very happy birthday full of corner pieces of frosted cake, half-melted ice cream and totally legal booze. If you stop by Blush tonight to take part in the festivities give them a birthday spanking for us. Then buy ‘em a couple shots of Patron, too.

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