F#%k Ed Hardy”

Ed Hardy designs at the UFC Fan Expo.
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I’m sick of Ed Hardy. Actually, I never liked it in the first place. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never had an expendable income. Or maybe because 95% of the guys I’ve met that wear the brand have been giant douches who use more hair products and self tanner in one day than Tara Reid has in the past five years (local DJ Mark One is probably the lone exception, but I still regularly pick on him for his wardrobe selection). I also find it difficult for people to justify purchasing $100 bedazzled tees when there are children starving in China… probably the same children who silk-screened that hideously passé tribal tattoo design on said tee.

Ranting aside, the brand appears to have become a joke in 2009 and wearers of the designer’s overpriced clubwear typically receive subsequent eye rolls. (Kind of like what happened with Von Dutch trucker hats.)

It looks like some famous faces share my sentiments, as well. So, a big thank you to Dirty Nasty, Andy Milonakis and Rich Hil for telling it like it is and bagging on Christian Audiger’s tired clothing line with their new track, “Fuck Ed Hardy.”

Also tired of Audigier might be Treasure Island. When I first caught a glimpse of Christian Audigier the Nightclub last year, the place had potential, but that was before the doors opened, the “fashionably casual nightlife” crowd arrived and the jellyfish died.


Continuing talks of Christian Audigier the Nightclub’s possible demise currently puts the closure date sometime in September, though reps from Pure Management and Treasure Island deny the club is shutting down. We received the standard “PMG has a contract for Audigier with TI through 2016. We are not going to address industry rumors” from Pure’s reps on Tuesday when inquiring about the situation.

According to an anonymous source working at Treasure Island, keeping the doors to Audigier open through 2016 is highly unlikely. “At first, I heard they had 90 days [before the club would close], and that was the beginning of June,” said the source, who asked to remain nameless for fear of being fired. “I’ve also heard they are fighting it.”

The source also mentioned that the new owner of TI is unhappy with PMG and would prefer to discontinue working with outside management on venues housed within the resort.

So, what might occupy the space should Audigier shut down? “I’ve heard either a Sirens [of TI] based club or another restaurant,” the source said.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens to all those crystal skulls and stylized koi fish. Until then enjoy, “Fuck Ed Hardy.” I’ll buy a round of drinks for anyone who can remix this into a house track and is willing to spin it in a competing nightclub. Two rounds if it’s spun at Audigier…

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