Ditch the dress and break a sweat


Ditch the heels, the mini-dress that might actually be a shirt, those stifling collars and non-sneaker shoes. If you’ve ever wished you could hit a Strip hotspot in your sweats, January 6 is the night – the dress code at Pure is strictly sweatsuits.

The birthday celebration for beloved DJs Ikon and Hollywood will feature the afro-rocking Hollywood hip-hoppers LMFAO, performing as part of Pure’s Don't Sweat the Sweatsuit party and undoubtedly including their popular MySpace hit “I’m in Miami, Bitch.” (I’m guessing they’ll change the lyrics to “I’m in Las Vegas, Bitch," because well, why the hell not? Scoping chicks, sipping Red Bull and vodka and hosting naked Twister parties in your hotel room definitely go with Vegas like gelled hair and Ed Hardy T-shirts.)

The Details

You can even win some cash if your ensemble is really poppin’. Pure will be handing out prizes for the best sweatsuit. We recommend old school Adidas, Baby Phat velour or some combination of neon orange, fuchsia, metallic lame, zebra print, lens-less sunglasses and fake gold chains, a la LMFAO.

Or anything Sean John.

Whatever pimpin' workout gear you flaunt, just remember the ultimate goal, as stated by LMFAO. “We want to throw the biggest party ever where everyone comes and has a blast, it gets us off.”

And remember the ultimate goal as stated by us: Spending less than an hour primping before hitting the Strip for a hot night out.


Jennifer Grafiada

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