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Vegas weekend weather promises to be fair, as does the sightseeing. The Miss America competition on Saturday at Planet Hollywood will satiate our appetite for ogling beautiful women for at least a week or two. Fifty-two leggy ladies in full coverage bikinis? Color us over-stimulated.

As if.

Vegas adores pretty faces and hot bods, and like most things in this town, the more the better.

So, the day after Miss America packs her sashes you can visit the infamous Playboy Club where well-endowed local lookers who think they have what it takes to fill out a bunny suit will turn out for the 2009 Playboy Club model search, hosted by gorgeous playmate and former Playboy Club dealer Jessica Burciaga.

Also on Sunday (Isn’t this supposed to be our day of repentance after a hedonistic weekend?), The Bank at the Bellagio will announce the winner of its homage to Tyra Banks, Las Vegas Top Model 2009 competition.

Las Vegas modeling agencies AWG, Platinum, Red and Best have each entered five local beauties that have been competing online for votes during the past three weeks. The winner, crowned at midnight at The Bank (all the women should be in attendance, as that is a condition of winning) will walk away with $5,000. It’s only a tenth of what Miss America will earn, but either way, it pays to have good genes.

The Details

Unlike Miss America, the Las Vegas Top Model competition is unconcerned with talent, ability to answer interview questions, deportment or an elegant walk. It’s all skin deep.

You can vote online for your favorite belle until Sunday at and influence the outcome. At your leisure, click through each model’s portfolio, where redhead, blonde and brunette perfect tens sport bikinis, lingerie, evening gowns and jeans with almost Zoolander-quality Magnum looks. In the spirit of democracy and for the love of feminine beauty, you have the power.

The hard part is picking. Personally, sultry Latina Cilicia pleases my palate, but to each their own. I’m not exactly a connoisseur.


Jennifer Grafiada

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