Night bites: Enter “The Tomb”

The Executive Lounge business and social mixer—until recently held Tuesday nights at Lavo—will re-emerge from its hiatus on August 4 at the Stirling Club, the event somewhat darkly re-branded as “The Tomb.”

“We have elevated the TEL [The Executive Lounge] brand to act as the primary event and lifestyle brand,” says Executive Lounge co-founder Jimmy Foster, “which will continue to produce branded events and act as the physical URL (soon to be a brand new online social networking community).”

Yes, but “The Tomb”?!

“The Tomb,” Foster continues, “is the new name for our Tuesday night business and social mixer. It will tie closely into our updated literature as the new flavor is inspired by traditional secret societies where the members regularly met in places which they referred to as The Tomb.”

Ah. Got it.


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