Nightlife Podcast: Manufactured Superstars

Manufactured Superstars: They make athletic socks and short-shorts look goooood.

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Nocturnal Admissions: Manufactured Superstars (4/27/10)


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“The whole mentality behind everything we’re doing is really just to create a fun environment, so everybody from the 50-year-old lawyer to the 23-year-old girl can have a good time,” says Shawn Sabo.

When Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo, two key figures in electronic music retailer Beatport don their Manufactured Superstars duds for their gigs, expect the party to get crazy… especially if they show up in their orange space suits, retro short-shorts or who knows what else. Says Roulier, “We have fun with our outfits because there’s two of us and we’re very different looking… so it looks pretty cool when we coordinate.” Adds Sabo, “We’re there to put on a show; the crowd is there to see a show and I think the more things you can add to it, it’s a visual aspect to the already audio show.”

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For the full story on the Beatport Beach Party, click here.

Music featured in this podcast: "Manufactured Superstars live at Beyond Wonderland"

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