Nightlife Podcast: Trent Cantrelle

DJ/producer Trent Cantrelle

The Los Angeles-based New Orleans native spins July 29 at Vanity for Godskitchen ($20 and up, free for ladies and locals on the guest list).

I’ve been doing the music bit for a good 15 years now, maybe a little more.

I’ve always loved any form of dance music or electronic music, from Front 242 to Depeche Mode, Erasure and all that... I always naturally went to the more electronic side of music. I guess it’s just in my heart; I love dance music so much I can’t help it.

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Trent Cantrelle (7/20/10)

The Details

Trent Cantrelle
July 29 at Vanity
4455 Paradise Road
(Inside the Hard Rock Hotel)
Beyond the Weekly
Trent Cantrelle

Two new singles that I just finished I’m going to be testing out the rest of the summer... so there’s going to be quite a few new things you’re going to hear at Vanity.

I’ve been playing Vegas for so long, since back in the days of Empire and Ice, so I’ve got a good feel of how Vegas works. ... My set in Vegas will definitely gear more towards a transient [crowd], but it’ll still have that underground edge and integrity mixed in with it.

American mainstream culture is finally embracing dance music. You can hear it on the radio on every channel pretty much — every form of pop music or especially hip-hop, is dance-music related.

My music’s really just about partying and having fun. I don’t take myself too seriously.

In the latest Nocturnal Admissions podcast, Trent Cantrelle chats about working with a New Orleans jazz band, Manufactured Superstars and his early days as a rave DJ. Download it for free here.

Music featured in this podcast (available on

1. Oscar G & Ralph Falcon, "Dark Beat (Trent Cantrelle & Manufactured Superstars Remix)"

2. SMFM, “It's Just Another Day (Trent Cantrelle Remix)"

3. Trent Cantrelle vs. Princess Superstar, “Robot”

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