Recap: #Twitterati @BlushNightclub in need of a Twittervention?

@MeReBe’s still smiling even after a broken shoe while @DeannaRilling examines the blue-ish champagne at Blush’s Twitterati party October 19.
Photo: Bryan Schnitzer

Nightlifers need a Twittervention. But, like many addicts, we want to be among like individuals, all obsessed with 140-character updates. Hence the party at Blush celebrating Vegas’ most influential tweeps, i.e. those than can’t put their damn phones down, even at an outing. And I was on the list and guilty as charged.

I arrived at the boutique nightclub after a nightmare drive thanks to freeway construction, a killer storm, a malfunctioning railroad crossing and general tardiness. I received my @BlushNightclub @DeannaRilling lanyard nametag and was handed a glass of blue-tinted champagne, and the tweeting began.

Twitterati @ Blush

Twitter co-founders — and surprisingly inactive Tweeters — @EV and @Biz eventually showed up and hung out in the VIP area. What they lacked in tweets the Twitterati made up for; I may have tweeted more in one night than I have in a month, much to the delight of those in attendance and the chagrin of my followers who weren’t there. The reason for obsessively tweeting from myself and others? Blush had a Twitter feed on flatscreens around the venue. And anything with a #twitterati tag showed up. As the drinks started flowing, hilarity ensued.

A recap of the night via my tweets and others’:

@brandonroque: Buy the girl a drink next to you while you read this @blushnightclub #twitterati

@DiVaDeONNA: I keep saying #twitterati so I can see my face on the screen. Narcissistic much? Lol

@milothedog: I'd rather lick the area where my balls used to be than go to a #Twitterati party at @BlushNightClub if @Twitter isn't offering an open bar

@DeannaRilling: I should tweet something dirty just so it'll show up on the screens @BlushNightclub lol #twitterati

@AlbieVas: How to kill 60mins. Put a #Twitter reader board at the bar #Twitterati

@Marii_Nieves: RT @garazi: I am the first #Twitter proposal and marriage ever! Where are @ev and @biz buying ME a drink?! #twitterati @blushnightclub

@stefsull: Remember kids, friends don't let friends hold their smart phone! #twitterati

@zalitron: Meow! #twitterati, I dunno but you got my mom. So here I am on the screen. Purrrr. #catscrashingpartyvisualizations

@garazi: RT @stefsull Going to pee. #twitterati @blushnightclub

@LAsworld: When my phone dies a little piece of me dies; especially when I can't tweet at #twitterati. Its like not having a penis at an orgy

@MeReBe: #Twitterati emergency!! My shoe broke. Anyone have any glue?

@SammyatBlush: Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the best looking guy of them all??? That's what I thought its ME!!! Come to #twitterati @blushnightclub?

@RyanP8: @SammyatBlush has anybody ever told you that your MIRROR is a liar? #Twitterati @BlushNightclub

@brandonroque: I need a Don Julio on the rocks to table #4 please @blushnightclub #twitterati

@DeannaRilling: Who sees the dood in the Hawaiian shirt stumbling on the dancefloor @BlushNightclub? Yeah, you w the beer! #twitterati

@Hollywood_Bob: Driving on 405 in LA...#twitterati #blushnightclub

@oskargarcia: If you're reading this on the big screen, I'm watching you. Yes, you. Turn around. NOW! #twitterati @blushnightclub (sucker)

@DeannaRilling: Hey @BillKennedy702, I'm gonna hack the computer @BlushNightclub to display the @lasvegasweekly site if you don't say hi #twitterati

@BlushNightclub: Attention all #Twitterati @BlushNightclub - show your Twitterati badge at the bar for FREE champagne and St Pauli Girl Beer (til 12am)

@AlbieVas: This party just went from a zero to a Hero in 30 mins #freechampagne #Twitterati

@TrendsLasVegas: #twitterati is now trending in #LasVegas

@TonyDasco: Truth be known @ev and @biz stole this Twitter idea from me. Pay me $65 mil and we'll be good #twitterati

@SheckyGreen: Tweet tweet! Who's got the keys to my jeep!? @BlushNightclub #Twitterati #VegasLife

@QueenofHouseZ: I'm going to #twitterkickass my social butterflies @DeannaRilling @MeReBe @EmilyEllibee in about 2 seconds!!! #twitterati

@TonyDasco: If only our blackberrys and I-phones could dance - no one on the dancefloor - everyone is Tweeting @blushnightclub #twitterati

@DeannaRilling: Someone tell DJ GSquared to play @AndyMilonakis' "Let Me Twitter Dat" @BlushNightclub #twitterati

@djtinat: Shout out to everyone @blushnightclub who's partying at the #twitterati event tonight in Vegas! @tonydasco take a shot for me...

@WayneCrane: How many bottles of Don Julio has table 4 gone through @BlushNightclub #twitterati

@EmilyEllibee: Not enough!!! #twitterati. @BlushNightclub shottttts! Table 4!!

@Brandonroque: Can I get a channel change @blushnightclub #twitterati

@MooseDiesel81: Let see if this works, hey @blushnightclub can you let my homie Kumbi in, he'll be at the door in 10min #twitterati haha

@TonyDasco: Oh cool Teach Me How to Twitter Teach Me Teach Me How to Twitter is playing. Good re-mix @BlushNightclub #twitterati

@erik_kabik: Just met Twitter founders @biz @ev @Goldman & snapped them w/ Twitter gurus @VegasBill & @24k during the #Twitterati @BlushNightclub event

@Jeremydpond: Someone keep @AbbyTegnelia away from the Veuve ... She will start dancing near @TheDjGSquared with @goldman ... #twitterati @BlushNightclub

@bbvegas: If you're reading this @BlushNightclub through sunglasses .. Please take them off. #twitterati

@goldman: Important finding: people enjoy watching things on screens #twitterati

@Phamarama: I just wanna say CUNT so it'll show up on the TV for the #Twitterati party @BlushNightclub. Kthx!

@Jockin_JB: @blushnightclub #twitterati Holy crap this nun just shit herself!

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