Theory of Flight soars tonight at Wasted Space

Theory of Flight frontman Beau Hodges considers giving flight to his lightbulb.
Photo: Aaron Thompson

Theory of Flight is three things at least: how birds and planes utilize weight, drag, lift and thrust to defy gravity; a 1998 movie starring Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter about a man who tries to fly by leaping off a building and the woman who begs him to deflower her before she dies of motor neuron disease; an awesome local alt-rock band that will be playing at Wasted Space at the Hard Rock tonight along with Cherry Hill and Slow to Surface. (Which of the first two the band borrows its name from, we’re not sure.)

Their music sounds how flying feels: close your eyes while you listen and you might be soaring through a dusky sky. Underneath the drum and bass lies a smoothly shifting ocean of symphonic melody. Their latest song “Burn On” should be paired with a video montage: the Northern lights, a flock of birds taking flight, sunset deepening to crimson on a beach, snow swirling in streetlamp halos in the night sky.


Jennifer Grafiada

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