Dressing for success


Daniel James of Leopold and His Fiction.

Best Dressed: Daniel James of Leopold and His Fiction. James sported tight multi-colored stripped pants, cream-colored cowboy boots and a most unusual hat, complete with pheasant feathers. He explained, “I got it all in San Fransisco,” and pulled off the look in true indie fashion.

Worst Dressed: The guys in The Mapes have a penchant for lucha libre masks and foam cowboy hats. These are probably best left for frat house hazing, but hey, it’s their signature style and compliments their crazy, high-energy punk rock.


The Mapes perform at The Thunderbird Lounge.

Least Dressed: Szandora The Hula Hoop Chick. The best sideshow act any Vegas band could ask for, Szandora’s hula-hoop striptease always livens up the night. While dancing at The Mapes’ show at The Thunderbird Lounge, she got down to a thong and band-sticker pasties.


Szandora The Hula Hoop Chick adds some skin to The Mapes' show at The Thunderbird Lounge.


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