Oh, what a fight

Click Bang! made $10 off drunken bald guy. Hey, that’s a couple more PBRs.

The bald guy who was earlier harassing The Ku came back to check out some of local shoegazers Click Bang!. Unfortunately for him and the band, this time the guy, who we will call Tom, let his booze fueled friendliness turn into rage. After throwing roughly $10 in ones at the feet of singer Evan Donoghue, Tom upped the ante and began to mess with the band's gear while they were playing. The solution: Tom gets kicked out by Bunkhouse staff, challenges several people outside to a fight and walks away. During a small conversation with Tom before Click Bang!'s set the man claimed to be a 20-year vet of the Marines, a former metro cop and that he could "kill a guy with his finger tips." On the bright side, Click Bang! made $10, and that's better than nothing, especially from a crazy possibly homicidal former Marine... Right?


Aaron Thompson

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