Bring on the fa-la-la-la-local music

Brother Luke, real name Shaun DeGraff, playing at Brand inside the Monte Carlo.
Photo: Richard Brian

With your tummy full of Thanksgiving and your wallet empty after Black Friday shopping, it’s time to turn your attention to the audible aspects of the holiday season, and we’re not talking about “ho-ho-hos” or the sounds of joyous children shredding wrapping paper.

From a slowly melting companion with a corncob pipe and a button nose to a dying woman whose son desperately wants to buy her a new pair of Christmas shoes before she meets Jesus, holiday music is corny to the core. It’s also sometimes incredibly catchy and always completely unavoidable during this time of year.

So, you might as well embrace it.

Grab some tissue and some spiked eggnog. Pull a loved one close, preferably under mistletoe. Roast some marshmallows in that fake fireplace in your cookie-cutter home. Then, import Brother Luke’s latest tune, “Snow in Vegas (Your Christmas Song),” onto your holiday playlist. It will fit nicely between “Silent Night” and “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

The song packs all the heartwarming, sentimentality you require in a holiday song. It briefly samples a well-known Christmas song and dedicates itself directly to you. Best yet, it says you’re more special than snow in Vegas, which locals know is a pretty damn big compliment.


"Duality" MP3s

  • Snow in Vegas

Plus, in a slight departure from typical yuletide tunes, the song includes a curse word and a bit of irony, which we appreciate more than the cheese. “The shopping malls already play Christmas songs / The stores all glow with green and red / And in my mind I think this shit is played out.”

“Snow in Vegas” will appear on Brother Luke’s upcoming CD, Duality, which he hopes to have out in early 2010. Until then, check the song out right here.


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