Instant popularity recipe

Local band Imagine Dragons played the Neon Reverb music festival in Downtown Las Vegas in September, 2009.
Photo: Corlene Byrd

Begin prep in late ’08. Take five BYU students; mix synth, pop and new wave. Open for Kelly Clarkson. Set timer for June ’09, then transport Imagine Dragons to Vegas. Marinate in local scene, peppering heavy with Killers influence. Bring to a full boil at midnight on Beauty Bar’s stage. For vocalist Dan Reynolds, combine one part Anthony Michael Hall to one part epileptic seizure to one part maniacal air-drumstick soloist. For guitarist D. Wayne Sermon and bassist Ben McKee, garnish with Karate Kid headbands. Serve drenched in sweat. Satisfies 100.


Julie Seabaugh

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