Five things we learned at the Lifehouse concert

Lifehouse performed at Mandalay Bay Beach as part of Rock ‘N Roll Wine’s annual Wine Amplified festival.
Photo: Xania Woodman

There was much to be learned at Saturday night’s Lifehouse concert at Mandalay Bay Beach. "This is one of the most interesting gigs we’ve ever played,” said lead singer Jason Wade. “I've never played on top of a wave pool. I kinda like it." And we kinda like you, Jason. Don’t we ladies?

1. Lifehouse finished their new album last week. It should be coming out around Christmastime.

2. Guys: Chicks dig Lifehouse. More than they dig you, in fact.

3. Lead singer Jason Wade’s nipples get hard when he performs. Guitarist Ben Carey makes an orgasm face during the good bits.

4. Don't go to a Lifehouse concert during a breakup. By the third song you’ll need an intervention.

5. Lifehouse loves Las Vegas!: “We’ve gone through a lot over the last 10 years,” said Wade. “When we were in a slump, Las Vegas never gave up on us."


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