High-school flashback

Less Than Jake
Photo: Ryan Olbrysh

Heeeeello, high school!

This is the dominant thought in my head as Less Than Jake takes the main stage at Extreme Thing. I hadn't heard or thought about the band since those four painful years at Las Vegas High School (Go Wildcats?), and standing with the crowd Saturday I felt a little bad for it. Less Than Jake probably has matured and accomplished plenty of amazing things since I forgot about them, I tell myself.

Or not.

Here are five self-deprecating and/or straight-outta-high-school quotes delivered by Less Than Jake frontman Chris Demakes. Marinate on them, and I'll meet you behind the gym after sixth period.

• "We're the next band in a string of bands that used to be popular."

• "Ten years ago I was hotter than Pete Wentz."

• "Meth is the new marijuana."

• "This is my revenge. I didn't go to prom..."

• "You can't curse or drink in here, but apparently you can smoke weed, I can smell it."


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