Breuer and Correale talk domestic hilarity at TCF

Jim Breuer may have put his R-rated stoner days behind him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t tell a mean joke.

If you’ve ever tried to build furniture, you know about the inevitability of arguing with one’s spouse while attempting to put together an Ikea desk. “Their motto should be ‘Ikea: We hope your marriage is stronger than our furniture,’” joked Pete Correale, who took the stage first, during his show with Jim Breuer Thursday night at Caesars Palace. Charming with a heavy New York accent, Correale spun jokes mainly about being a young married. And married sex: “Dirty talk is impossible when you're married. I can't throw my wife on the bed and say 'Were you a dirty girl today?' Because I know what she did today. We picked out wallpaper together at Home Depot.”

Jim Breuer, Correale’s co-host on the radio show Breuer Unleashed (weekday afternoons from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST on Sirius Satellite radio, Raw Dog Comedy channel 104) doesn’t have Correale’s pretty face, but what he does have he uses to great comedic effect. His soft, goofy features, floppy hair and out-of-it stoner eyes made him a perfect fit for the role of “Goat Boy,” the ‘90s SNL character that made him famous, and Dave Chappelle’s weed-loving pal in Half Baked. Jack Nicholson, Breuer recounted, once told him “You look how I feel.”


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The other difference between Breuer and Correale is that Breuer has three children, and much of his material is about them, being a harangued husband and harassed daddy and bittersweet domesticity.

The duo finds the humor in the day-to-day of the average American family, seemingly having put their pot-smoking and R-rated days behind them. Sweet, sure. But personally, I couldn’t relate.


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