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Dave Attell
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I’m sitting in the second row at Dave Attell’s Saturday night show, jotting notes every now and then and trying not to be distracted by the extremely drunk guy caterwauling on my right (“Too drunk to go to Hoover Dam!” Obnoxious laugh We were too drunk to go to Hoover Dam!” Obnoxious laugh), when I hear something surprising.

Dave Attell says the words “Las Vegas Weekly.


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Of course, the current host of Comedy Central’s The Gong Show with Dave Attell didn’t just stand on the stage, look out at the audience and say “Las Vegas Weekly.” It was more of a mumble: Something, something, something, something. “Let’s see if Las Vegas Weekly prints that.”

We would too, if only I’d heard him clearly.

But let’s put the shout out – or was it a call out? – in context. Attell had been talking about facial hair. “Sideburns are the balls of the face,” he said, and the audience snickered their agreement. He continued the ‘burns discussion, moving on to women with sideburns (very bad sign) and making a reference to where he’d spent the previous night, presumably with a woman with sideburns (very, very bad sign.) “Let’s see if Las Vegas Weekly prints that.”

After running through the mental list of possible reasons for the Attell shout out, I’ve settled on a few front-runners. What the bearded comic was really referring to, we may never know, but my money’s on one of the following:

A. Robin Leach’s frighteningly comprehensive coverage of celebrities’ every move within Clark County limits.

B. Weekly writer Deanna Rilling’s comment on her Friday night on the town with Kids in the Hall member Dave Foley: “Mr. Insomniac himself, Dave Attell, stopped by the bar, too, but for this weekend at least it’s Foley who should steal the insomniac title.” Defending your crown, Dave?

C. Something to do with Weekly comedy writer Julie Seabaugh.

D. Who the hell knows?

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