Ryan Seacrest is calling all “Momma’s Boys”

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With internet personals, speed dating and Craigslist, it seems that most people these days would rather turn to their computer than their parents when it comes to finding a significant other. But NBC and producer Ryan Seacrest are betting that mother still knows best in matters of love, and tonight Prive’s getting in on the action with a casting session for Seacrest’s new dating show.

The reality show Momma’s Boys does the unthinkable, housing bachelor sons and their meddling moms with a group of single women, in an effort to find partners for the loveless guys and answer the question “Who is the most important woman in a man’s life?” (Hint: It’s probably not the random stranger who agreed to look for love on national TV while passing mom’s muster.)

Tonight, NBC’s casting directors will be on hand at Prive to sign up local reality TV hopefuls for a chance to score a spot in the packed house. If you’re a guy with a matchmaking mom or a lady willing to move in with a slew of over-involved parents, come camera-ready and willing to sign over your soul to the TV machine. Look on the bright side, even if you don’t leave the house with true love, you’ll probably get the chance to hold your birthday party at a Strip nightclub. No parental supervision required.

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