Hauntings in the house


Some people really enjoy being scared to death. These days I just have to look at my bank balance to freak myself out, but for those in search of a more bone-chilling fright, the haunted houses around town offer a pulse-quickening good time.

Fright Dome

At the forefront of the Vegas fear-in is the ever-popular Fright Dome, the October incarnation of Circus Circus’ Adventure Dome. The haunted expanse is full of creepy goblins, chainsaw-wielding undead and a host of haunted houses. This year’s event features three new haunted houses – The HEX-MAS Nightmare (complete with falling snow and “Helves’”), Vampire’s Bloodfeast and HillBilly Hell, as well as classics like the Chainsaw Massacre house where performers come at you Patrick Bateman-style with real chainsaws – sans chain and that crazy love of Huey Lewis and the News, of course. An off-the-wall stunt show starring the hosts of Discovery Channel Canada’s popular show Guinea Pig is another new addition to the annual fear factory.

More than 100 costumed actors make this one of the most frightening attractions in town. That is, when they're not checking their cell phones.

Last year at Fright Dome I felt something grabbing at my leg, and when I looked down expecting to see a costumed staff member playing their part, I saw instead a petrified little girl grasping my limb screaming, “please protect me!” If you want to experience that utter terror, check out the Fright Dome or some of these other haunted attractions around town:

Monster Mayhem at The Haunted Village at Town Square: On a bad day shopping itself can be scary enough, but Town Square is making a serious pass at fear with Monster Mayhem at The Haunted Village. Get spooked in three haunted attractions, an eerie above ground graveyard where fiendish ghouls wander around the crypts and fog-filled pathways and creepy catacombs lined with terrifying creatures. Even that blue lame tube top from Express isn’t that frightening.

That old embalming fluid addiction keeps rearing its ugly head.

Morbid Manor: Visit one of Las Vegas' most horrifying indoor haunts inside the Halloween Connection Store at the intersection of Rainbow and Russell. Get your scare on while you pick out the perfect costume to return the favor this Halloween.

Circus of Horrors at Rainbow & Smoke Ranch Road: Freakling Brothers newest horrific creation! Boys and Girls! Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up and prepare to be amazed! The Circus of Horrors is a terrifying collection of the most bizarre freaks, human oddities and grotesque monstrosities ever assembled under one tent (taken against their will from the dark recesses of Eastern Europe) - in other words, a politically incorrect old school freak show. All attractions will be performed up close and ... in ... your ... face!

The Mortuary at Rainbow & Smoke Ranch Road: The smell of death hangs in the air. Screams of anguish pierce the darkness. The final journey begins. You can always enter, but you can't always leave. Please don't wake the dead...you'll be sorry!


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