On money, men and finding a mate: The “Millionaire Matchmaker” comes to Las Vegas

Patti Sanger doesn’t want to make you a millionaire, she wants to find you one.

Patti Stanger of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker insists her love doctoring is about honor and commitment – not gold-digging. Then again, she is hosting an event called “Find Your Sugar Daddy!” at The Bank this Sunday. Regardless of the mixed messages, this controversial cupid isn’t afraid to share her opinions on romance, the recession and meeting men during bachelor parties.

On the state of the single’s market:

(It’s) rough. The good is: You have more women and men than ever before that are single. So, if you’re single, all it takes is one. The bad thing is: Commitment is elusive.

On the importance of monetary wealth:

Financial success is something that you’re always going to look for (in a date), because nobody wants to be poor and date. … (Do) you want to go to the beach every day or take a walk? I don’t think so.

On the recession:

I believe that the economy started to teach us something about our own personal mechanisms that says it’s not all about money. When you watch the Madoff scandal happen you have to take a step back and go, “Is this really worth it – me going all-in financially for 10 percent, getting screwed over after spending my whole life struggling to make money?” … People start to take and evaluate their inventory and say the most important thing for me is passion, having a sense of humor, looking for that guy or girl that complements or completes me. They’re not just looking for money, because the money – at the end of the day – you could lose it.


Find Your Sugar Daddy!
June 21, 10 p.m.
The Bank
Beyond the Weekly
The Millionaire Matchmaker

On her own love life:

I’m not dating a millionaire. I date millionaires-in-training, people that have ambition that see themselves 10, 20 years from now being successful. They’re on the road to getting it. And that’s OK. That’s fine. As long as he’s a hunter male, women can live with that.

On the ideal man:

A hunter male is somebody that basically protects you, provides for you. Even though he doesn’t make a whole lot of money, he’s still thinking, “Hey, well, if you get pregnant, I don’t want you to work for a few years. I want you to stay home and take care of the kids, because it’ll be so much easier for you as a woman.” When you are doing well in your business, he’s not running because he’s intimidated or scared, he’s embracing it, saying, “Look at my successful honey.” When you are at a bar or restaurant, he comes right up to you, offers to buy you a drink and your friends and gets to know you. That’s a hunter male. He’s not a passive aggressive Peter Pan.

On the traits she screens for in women:

Sincerity and wanting to be in love. Somebody who is fit and in shape, and I do not mean somebody that’s skinny. Someone who puts family first and somebody with a career.

On dealing with millionaires with unrealistic expectations:

(They want) perfectionism. They want the whole enchilada, and because they make money, they’re not willing to settle. … You basically say to them: You’re no Brad Pitt. You’re no drop-dead gorgeous George Clooney. Who the hell do you think you are? … If you’re an asshole, if you think everything’s about looks and you’re Shallow Hal, why would a woman of that magnitude (perfection) want you unless she’s shallow too? Then you get the gold-digger.

To all the single ladies in Sin City:

(Vegas) is a tourist destination. … More men go to Vegas in one time period than any other place in the country. If you’re a woman and you want to meet a man, a single guy, this is the home of the bachelor party, right? You have to think of yourself: If these guys are coming out here on a regular basis and you’re going to hit the key spots that they hit, your odds go up. One of the guys is getting married, so marriage is on the brain. You just have to be in the right place at the right time.


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