Order up some racy room service

That remote isn’t for the television, but part of a rather delectable room service menu.

“Hello, room service? I’d like an order of chicken fingers, a Caesar salad, and some vibrating panties. Oooh—and add a side of fur handcuffs while you’re at it.”

Hard Rock Hotel’s unusual room service menu is designed to titillate all of your senses, 24 hours a day. Offered quietly for about five years, some delectable items are not of the culinary variety, though they might help satiate other intense cravings.

“It’s as if you were ordering a slice of cheesecake with strawberries,” says Love Jones manager Nicole Dineen. The rock-n-roll lingerie boutique located at the Hard Rock Hotel makes delivering lacy somethings as easy as satisfying a late night snack urge.

“There’s a specific menu and the guests order by calling room service,” Dineen explains about the adult-only item delivery.

The selection goes well beyond ordering a whole can of whipped cream. Looking to play a naughty game of hide and seek? Order up a racy ribbons blindfold. If someone can’t decide to be naughty or nice, there’s a whipper tickler trimmed with marabou feathers on one end for caressing, fringe on the other for a playful swat. Then if the situation gets out of control, real rabbit fur handcuffs are available in black, pink or white.

But wait, there’s more! Lingerie is available for delivery around the clock, including the most popular item, the Turn Me On vibrating panties. Yup, tucked discreetly inside a pair of satin and lace bikini undies is a lil somethin’ somethin’ controlled by a wireless remote that can be operated from a maximum distance of 20 feet.

The Midnight Cravings Love Kit might sound like a pizza/cheesy bread combo for some, but at the Hard Rock the assortment of items rivals the Strip for entertainment value. “All items are delivered by room service in a Love Jones bag with tissue paper, ribbon and all that jazz,” says Dineen. She suggests the Love Jones room service for couples, romantic vacations and bachelorette parties. And though Love Jones menus are placed in the hotel rooms, the popular amenity survives mostly by word-of-mouth.

The most expensive item tops out at $146 (the vibrating panties), meaning the very serviceable room service costs less than most guests will spend at the bar and or on the tables and is probably twice as much fun. For anyone not staying at the Hard Rock, all of the Love Jones room service items are also available at their boutique.

“We figured it would be a great addition to the Love Jones brand as part of your fantasy stay at the Hard Rock,” Dineen says. “Guests tell friends, ‘I stayed at the Hard Rock and you wouldn’t believe what we had delivered to our room!’”

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