Putting your little red dress on

The red dress requirement at the Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program reflected community solidarity in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The mohawk is an added bonus.
Photo: April Corbin

Beauty Bar hosted the fourth annual Red Dress event February 27, a charity benefit to raise money for Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program (SADAP). The packed party featured communal cake, performances, a costume contest and, of course, plenty of red dresses. The latter offered plenty of life lessons, including:

Fashion takes sacrifice

Leach Blog Photo

This homemade garment, which snagged the title of Most Futuristic, goes a long way with a few zip ties, ribbons and red hard plastic, but there’s a price to pay — the inability to sit down. “How did you get here?” I asked the fashionista. After a pause, he revealed his secret, “I drove here naked.”

Pahrumpians love Prada

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Making an appearance from over the hump in Pahrump came the Real Housewives of Pahrump, a group of curvaceous lady-mans sporting blinged-out glasses, midriffs and, of course, a “Prada” purse.

“Dress” is a relative term

Leach Blog Photo

Someone call Merriam-Webster because the definition of the noun “dress” has just changed. Apparently some pasties, a red thong and body paint now qualify. Not that I’m complaining. This sexy little number (emphasis on the little) won in the Sexiest Costume category, and rightly so.

... so is “butch”

Leach Blog Photo

I’m not really sure why this guy won in the “most butch” category. Flowery headdresses, ruffles and fancy bling are the opposite of butch, aren’t they? Maybe it was the bald head, tattoos and facial hair.

Priests love drag

Leach Blog Photo

Or perhaps it’s the other way around, and drag loves priests. Either way, the Catholic Church should be proud of this monumental moment where clergy meets butch.

Then, there’s this...

Leach Blog Photo

Fabulous. Simply fabulous.


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