What are the Odds?

What are the odds this guy sleeps naked?

First things first: Book of Odds is not an actual book; it's a website. Don't feel bad. The name is misleading, and we were confused ourselves until a kind representative of said website explained it to us by saying, "There's no book... kinda like Facebook isn't a book either."

With that out of the way, let's talk about what Book of Odds — err, BookofOdds.com — actually is: The odds on everyday life. The site is full of interesting facts about cool things like death, sex and romance, and not-so-cool things, like employment.

Did you know the odds that a person in Las Vegas will be murdered in a year are 1 in 11,280? Or that almost the same odds (11,270-1) exist that an employed person 16 or older is a forensic science technician? Website of Odds doesn't take the extra step to figure out what the odds are that one of those forensic science technicians works on CSI: Las Vegas, but their collection of facts still impresses us.

Book of Odds recently made a trek to Vegas to film a man-on-the-street YouTube video, asking impersonators and drinking tourists alike to decide which odds are most likely. Which is higher, the odds a man sleeps nude or the odds a man is obese? Find out in less than two and a half minutes. It's kinda like Jay Leno's "Jaywalking" skit, except we're willing to bet nobody at Book of Odds ever stole Conan O'Brien's job.


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