Food Fight! The Matzo Ball

Which deli’s soup reigns supreme?

The Matzo-ball battle: Weiss Deli (left) vs. Bagel Deli
Photo: Beverly Poppe
Brock Radke

Weiss Deli vs. Bagel Cafe

THE BATTLE: We all have our favorite hangover meal, especially in Vegas, the city of the morning after. But this is the original cure for whatever ails you: classic chicken-noodle matzo-ball soup, just like Bubbie’s. Only the real delis have the best stuff, and this Food Fight is serious. It’s not just matzo on matzo, it’s the blood feud of Green Valley versus Summerlin! How do you say en garde in Hebrew?


Weiss Deli: It’s easier to taste the broth, because this soup is not as chunky as the competition. Not at all greasy, not too salty, with a bit of dill that delivers.

Bagel Cafe: This is good juice, a little stronger in chickenosity, but pretty light. It’s clear this soup relies on its other ingredients.

Winner? Weiss Deli

Restaurant Guide

Weiss Deli
2744 N. Green Valley Parkway, Henderson
The Bagel Cafe
301 N. Buffalo Drive, Summerlin
The Bagel Cafe
Recently Reviewed
Tommy's Pastrami
Three stars
Two and a half stars
Three and a half stars


Weiss Deli: These chicken shreds taste great, but there just isn’t enough meat in your bowl or cup.

Bagel Cafe: Here, mighty chunks of tender, herb-infused chicken are spilling out of the container. Bagel Cafe is all about satisfaction.

Winner? Bagel Cafe

THE MATZO (too close to call)

Weiss Deli: This is one big matzo ball, yet light and puffy. Forget melt-in-your-mouth—once in your face, it transforms into a soothing Jewish love pillow.

Bagel Cafe: The Summerlin matzo ball is denser and not as big, and packs some strong flavor. Perhaps the broth is weaker because this monster sucked it all up.

Winner? Tie?


Weiss Deli: Balanced out by little vermicelli noodles and tender chunks of carrots, celery and onions, this bowl has everything you need to recover. The veggies lend a fresh, bright vibe to an otherwise subtle soup.

Bagel Cafe: These guys go big again: same ingredients, same long-simmered flavor, only larger cuts of carrots and celery and bigger, broader noodles.

Winner? Bagel Cafe


There can be no loser when it comes to matzo-ball soup at these two evenly matched eateries. Where should you go? Which one is closer? But there has to be a champion...


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