From pulled pork sliders to tempura Oreos, 10 treats to try at Vegas StrEATS

Slidin’ Thru’s Pulled Porky

The second Saturday of the month is upon us, and you know what that means—the Vegas StrEATS food and culture festival is back.

Trucks from around the valley will gather in Downtown's Fremont East District from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. to offer a variety of delicious dishes large and small, sweet and salty. But with 10 trucks to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start (and when to stop).

To help you narrow it down, here's a handy guide to the 10 best bites at this weekend's StrEATS fesitval.

Slidin' Thru's Pulled Porky

This bite-sized burger from Slidin' Thru's gourmet slider truck packs a sumptuous punch: Its tender pulled pork is seasoned with salt, pepper and minced garlic and slow cooked for 10 hours until it falls apart. Then it's topped off with tangy BBQ sauce and caramelized jalapenos. Hungry yet?

Tasty Bunz's Sweet Os

These ain't your mama's fried Oreos. After all, Tasty Bunz specializes in classic comfort foods with a gourmet twist. Their Sweet Os are tempura fried Oreos topped with decadent white chocolate and caramel sauce.

LoveGrub's Sloppy Tots

The LoveGrub truck offers tasty dishes from a variety of global cuisines, but its signature dish is indisputably its Sloppy Tots: crispy tater tots loaded with grilled chicken, black beans, fresh pico de gallo, cheddar cheese sauce and sour cream and topped off with LoveGrub's own lime hot sauce garnished with a mild jalapeno. Don't forget to grab one of the truck's shiny silver sporks -- you'll need it.

Haulin' Balls' lump blue crab balls

Haulin' Balls owner Kim Farkas makes these delectable bites herself, and she says "they sell out every time." That's no surprise -- as a Maryland native, she definitely knows what she's doing.

Engine 1's pesto veggie pizza with goat cheese and fresh basil

Engine 1 owner Bill Wise describes his offerings as "the best wood-fired pizza ever cooked in a firetruck," and it's difficult to disagree -- Engine 1 really takes the "truck" part of "food trucks" to a whole new level. But novelty aside, their bestselling pesto veggie pie uses basil picked straight from the vine and is handmade and baked right in front of you.

SnOw ONO's authentic Hawaiian shave ice

Don't call it a snow cone: This is the real deal. SnOw ONO offers a variety of classic and exotic flavors, from cherry to lychee to red velvet cake. Add some aloha to your ice with awesome toppings like a "Snow Cap" (sweetened condensed milk), Li Hing Mui powder (dried salted sour plum) and mochi bits.

Rusty Pickle's fried pickles

You won't regret treating yourself to a plate of these -- they are, after all, the truck's specialty. Rusty Pickle co-owner Jan Scarborough confesses, "We’ve had several customers admit to their addiction, and we often spot them following us around, which is an amazing compliment." She also recommends their tri-tip sliders, which feature beef marinated in red wine and served on a Hawaiian-style roll with caramelized onion and smoked Gouda.

POP's cheesesteaks

There's nothing POP's -- that's Pride Of Philadelphia -- does better than a mean classic Philly cheesesteak. But if you're feeling adventurous, go for their latest concoction: the pecan-crusted fried flounder cheesesteak served with lettuce, tomato and homemade tartar sauce, with optional cheese.

Funnel Cake Cafe's funnel cake

This classic treat never disappoints, and the Funnel Cake Cafe truck offers a whole mess of decadent toppings -- like ice cream, fruit and, of course, whipped cream -- that are sure to cure your sweet tooth.

Grouchy John's signature latte

Grouchy John's Coffee truck offers a variety of tasty hot and cold beverages, but with the recent winds and cold nights, the Grouchy John Latte is the perfect way to warm up and cap off a night of indulgent dishes -- a twist on a classic hot latte infused with white chocolate and amaretto.

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