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  • Fusion is an overused word, but Mordeo succeeds at it, blending classic cooking styles, like grilling Mexican elote skewers with Japanese binchō-tan charcoal.

  • It takes inspiration from Mandarin, Cantonese, Szechuan, Japanese, Korean and Thai cuisines.

  • The eel/roe/sea urchin trilogy is a destination dish, as is the oxtail croque monsieur.

  • For starters, you can’t go wrong with the PB&J biscuit or the salmon and Kaluga caviar duo.

  • There’s far more happening here than noodles and broth.

  • The uni duo allows diners to compare the subtle differences in salinity between Santa Barbara, California, and Hokkaido, Japan, versions.

  • Try the nabiyaki udon, which fuses niku beef udon and traditional kake udon—and adds a giant tempura shrimp and soft-boiled egg for good measure.

  • Hold on. There’s meat here, and it’s treated well.

  • Plus a warm and inviting patio, friendly staff and a kick-ass drink menu.

  • Eureka is a worthy addition to the Downtown scene.

  • Block 9 is less a new restaurant than a quick-service Secret Kitchen.

  • You won’t find Peruvian Nikkei elsewhere in Las Vegas, and it’s hard to locate anywhere else in the world other than Peru.

  • The new Italian spot in Summerlin falls somewhere between Scarpetta and D.O.C.G. with its casual cuisine and price points.

  • Koobideh—a kabob made of ground chicken or beef and seasoned with salt, pepper and onion powder—is a must-try.

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