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Best in PrintThe man who would be king
Las Vegas-based entrepreneur Fabrizio Boccardi has already inspired a larger-than-life fictional character. Can he also inspire a gaming empire? read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionGolden blip
Producer Myron Martin thinks it was a New York Times reporter he told expectantly that Vegas was quickly going to be Broadway West. “I guess ... more
The IntersectionThe (next) final frontier
I am not a Trekkie or a Star Wars buff, and this is an important disclaimer, because I don’t totally get it. But I love ... more
The IntersectionTo Wiki or not, that is the question
State Senator Bob Beers loves Wikipedia. The conservative politician and former computer consultant—like pretty much everyone else—uses the user-edited and maintained encyclopedia to do everything ... more
A partner in time
This is an excerpt from the radio show Our Metropolis, a half-hour issues and affairs program that airs Tuesdays at 6 p.m. on KUNV 91.5-FM ... more
What happens in Beijing…(1 comment)
Back when I lived in and covered Beijing earlier this decade, I used to have this odd little game I played with my friends… more
The IntersectionAir apparent
This month in Beijing, the planet’s greatest athletes sprinted, backstroked and pirouetted their way to glory and endorsement deals, thrilling billions around the world. In ... more


Lap stance
Why no one else has tried to set a record for the most simultaneous lap dances is beyond me. It’s beyond Scores Las Vegas as ... more
NightlifeSaturdays, Perfecto’d
The scenery changes, but the soundtrack remains the same—until now. Vegas can build shiny new venues with impressive aesthetics, but the music only varies slightly ... more
NightlifeThree and a half questions with Scooter of Scooter & LaVelle
That’s some “bangin’ progressive turntablism” ya got there. Or perhaps it’s just Scooter and LaVelle on the decks. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThinking big
Stepping onstage in support of theatrical rock legends Kiss—and staring into the painted faces of their fanatical legions—would rightfully daunt any fresh-faced band. more
Beats, rhymes & life
Damon Hodge reviews 3 CDs from local hip hop artists. more
Arts and EntertainmentSelling platters
Bobby Franks is a self-professed vinyl dork. With a collection numbering in the hundreds, he knows a cool-looking platter can mean the difference between a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHeavenly bodies(1 comment)
Baby-faced Michito Sanchez gives it to them good and long, just how they like it. The Cuban bandleader of the 11-piece salsa orchestra has a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDog has its day
The Little Dog Laughed is one of those plays whose title tries too hard. The good news is that the characters and jokes in this ... more
A “Sin”-tillating ride
The Cosa Nostra. A long-hidden terrorist sect. Pirates. Bloated casino moguls. Archaeologists. Bob Sapp. They all make appearances in Jon Land’s The Seven Sins: The ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAnarchy in the LV
Before beginning a 25-date European and Japanese summer tour, the reunited U.K. punk godfathers—original lineup: Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Glen Matlock and Paul Cook—will perform ... more


ScreenTerrorism lite
After a 2007 filled with serious, weighty dramas about the war on terror, all of which ended up more or less tanking at the box ... more
ScreenGonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
Following the oral biography “Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson” by Rolling Stone honcho Jann Wenner comes yet another project that exists precisely because ... more
The famous title train in Brad Anderson’s Transsiberian runs from Beijing to Moscow and crosses through some pretty remote, snowy terrain; it’s a great place ... more
For a movie about an alleged hedonist and libertine, and one that stars one of the most beautiful women in the world, Elegy is remarkably ... more
ScreenAmerica the Beautiful
It’s inspired some of the world’s greatest poems and books. Men have gone to war over it. Our economy likely could not exist without it. ... more

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Delicious charity
TasteThese days, it can be expensive to eat out. But often we forget that there are those who don’t even have that option. There are hundreds of thousands in our Valley who starve in their homes. Now you have the opportunity to do your part.




CD Cover The constancy of Motorhead
We were going to write a review of Motorhead’s latest album (it’s their 20th), Motorizer, to preview their upcoming concert, but then we realized there’s really no need. Motorhead have ...
CD Cover Blues Traveler
Does the hook bring you back?
CD Cover Juliana Hatfield
Juliana Hatfield’s inherent melancholy is oddly comforting—mostly because her misery-chick persona never devolves into caricature or insincerity. I

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Aug 21, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Tasmanian Rain

Anyone who says that water is water is water is lying to himself and is sadly missing out on a great beverage pleasure. The velvety soft, pleasant mouth-feel of Tasmanian ...