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Best in PrintWomen of Nightlife: The Pink Pages
These ladies do it all, from booking the DJs to running the show to owning the joint ... read article
Best in PrintNightlife Glossary: An Addendum
We figure if the Associated Press can issue a yearly Stylebook, so can the Weekly. Behold, your ... read article
Best in PrintNightclub obituaries
We would now like to take a moment to honor the memory of some of our dearly ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionFree groceries, empty stores, waiting in line(1 comment)
It’s a rice-and-beans season—or, as The Colbert Report summarizes it, there’s a “clusterfuck at the poor house.” more
The IntersectionDon’t “Believe” the hate
The week before Mystère opened at Treasure Island, an enraged Steve Wynn tore into the creator, Franco Dragone. “This is shit,” a red-faced Wynn shouted. ... more
Strip silence
Looking ahead, my calendar suddenly has a lot of empty squares … Entire days are passing where nothing is opening, being transformed, revamped, feted or ... more
Dan Goulet
Dan Goulet on the late Robert Goulet: “Actually, I’m a second cousin. I get asked about it everywhere I go; whenever I valet park, I’m ... more
The Help Desk
O.J. Simpson faces life in prison after being found guilty on charges of armed robbery and kidnapping. What a coincidence—he’d been dropping hints that he’d ... more
The IntersectionAir support
Flo Rogers is only the second leader in the station’s [KNPR 88.9-FM] history and the first to face trying to fund public radio in the ... more
Tiny Little Rant: Stop calling, Obama
Sorry, Obama phone-bank volunteers, but we’ve got a beef. Seriously, what’s with all the phone calls? more


NightlifeWhere in the world is Greg Neely?!(1 comment)
As it turns out, sometimes, you do need a Plan C. Plan B (no longer called Plan B and no, not being called Plan C) ... more
When there’s a bra dangling from steer horns over the entrance, you know you’re in the right place. more
NightlifeSecond chances
We give bad milk a second chance. Though our eyes might be swimming in our heads, we go back in for a second whiff, just ... more
Bachelorette Party-palooza
I absolutely refused to make the bride-to-be, Jenn, wear anything purchased at the Adult Superstore. But inevitably, Jenn acquired a raunchy balloon hat, and the ... more
NightlifeBlueberry Crush
None of a blueberry’s natural antioxidants actually make it through the re-distillation process into this blueberry-flavored vodka. But throw in a handful of fresh blueberries, ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThe Ting Tings
Overhyped? Hell yeah. Overrated? You bet. But what British newcomer with halfway decent hooks isn’t these days? more
Heather Carrasco as a Mermaid in “The Mermaids”
The toughest part of being a mermaid? “The fish like to try to eat our hair, yet we cannot break character …” more
Arts and EntertainmentYo, Johnny! See you in the next life!(2 comments)
For the truly ignorant, the plot of Point Break goes like this: FBI agent goes undercover as a surfer dude to bust extreme athletes who ... more
Arts and EntertainmentIn vacuum
Catherine Borg’s new exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Collective is scary. It’s called Untitled, the perfect name for an exhibition that relentlessly tackles the immense ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMosaic paints a winning picture
When is winning a reality TV game show—and the $100,000 check that comes with the title—a bit of a letdown? When the show is MTV’s ... more
Arts and EntertainmentConfessions of an Airbagger
I’m a junkie. Every morning, before I take my shower or munch down on some oat-laden cereal, I need my fix. I can’t even think ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe play’s the thing
Cult gems like Point Break and Road House shouldn’t be the only movies that get a new lease on life by being brought to the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLost in translation
The show is an awkward mix of police procedural and sci-fi mystery, with plenty of winking jokes about things that didn’t exist yet in 1973 ... more
Arts and EntertainmentIf the clothes fit
On the far end of designer Lana Fuchs’ Vegas workshop, a model is pacing back and forth in an extravagant black gown that glides on ... more
Arts and EntertainmentImpressionist concrete
“How do you bring the desert into the casino?” asks architect Drew Gregory, of the firm assemblageSTUDIO, led by Eric Strain. The answer? One thin ... more
Culture clash
Imagine the Las Vegas Valley’s cultural entities all under one web-based roof. That’s the goal of the nonprofit Metro Arts Council, which unveiled the prototype ... more


ScreenSpy goop
Body of Lies frequently plays like a geopolitical Sleepless in Seattle, with its two stars repeatedly jawing on the phone across thousands of miles but ... more
ScreenThe Duchess
Eager to participate in the political sphere despite not having the right to vote, Georgiana (Keira Knightley) campaigns for the Whig politicians her husband finances ... more
ScreenCity of Ember
The City of Ember is located well under the surface of the Earth, built there by forward-thinking scientists on the brink of some kind of ... more
ScreenThe Express
When we initially meet Ernie Davis, who eventually becomes the first African-American to win the Heisman trophy, he’s running like the wind to escape a ... more
ScreenA Man Named Pearl
Pearl Fryar is an unassuming African-American guy in his 60s living in a small South Carolina town, who spent decades working in a factory and ... more

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Eat like a rock star
TasteWhen I was in high school, I’d travel to California to visit a friend, and we’d spend hours late at night loitering in and just outside the local Denny’s, rarely eating anything more substantial than a side order of french fries or a short stack of pancakes.




CD Cover Nikka Costa
Nikka Costa’s third album delves even deeper into the hardcore R&B, soul and funk influences she’s been indebted to for her entire career, and in the process sacrifices some of ...
CD Cover Jack's Mannequin
Former Something Corporate frontman Andrew McMahon may have survived leukemia, but don’t expect him to get all sentimental about it
CD Cover Talkdemonic
Of all the weird, mashed-up musical subgenres in the world today, the wackiest pseudo-mainstream concept of all might just be folktronica. After all, its primary elements—acoustic folk and downtempo electronics—are ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Oct 9, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Blueberry Crush

None of a blueberry's natural antioxidants actually make it through the re-distillation process into this blueberry-flavored vodka. But throw in a handful of fresh blueberries (out of season after this ...