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Best in PrintMad in America
You wouldn’t like us when we’re angry read article
Best in PrintIt starts with taking little things
Stories of casino thievery read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

Republican cookies
Want to guess on which channel the McCain-Palin supporters watched last week’s debate when they gathered at Brendan’s Irish Pub at the Orleans? You are correct. more
The Intersection‘The human condition may end in discord’
Having tried the Bush Administration, credit-card kiting, Wall Street, war, vitriolic campaigning, God, art, aliens, naked pool parties, construction projects, bankruptcy, lap dances, alcohol, prescription ... more
The IntersectionThe out there is in here
Her sign reads, “LV UFO—8:30 p.m. Meet here.” “I’m looking for work,” jokes the sign’s holder, J.R. Scully, aka Jacqueline Nelson, the media representative for ... more
Socialism for the rich
With Palin in Nevada using the S word, socialism, in an attack on Obama’s plan to “redistribute wealth,” we can’t help thinking about the mounds ... more
The IntersectionStill the defiant one
You know the formula: A star hits it big, looms large in our collective consciousness, struggles with his fill-in-the-blank inner demons, hits rock bottom, comes ... more
The Help Desk
Truck driver shaken after dummy bomb falls from the sky and hits his truck in Las Vegas city limits. Sorry, guy. Actually, it was the ... more
The IntersectionGetting smart
“I’m going to fit in that?” I was there to test drive the Smart Car, the latest import from Mercedes, but it had been a ... more


All Hallow’s … week?
Not even Hanukkah gets nine full nights of naughty-costumed, face-painted, what-the-hell-are-you-supposed-to-be bliss. more
NightlifeHappy Birthday, Blush!
Unfortunately, my presence wasn’t  present enough for  Blush’s first birthday, because I got stuck on the wrong side of the ropes more
Dollars and sense
Halloween is to Vegas what Mardi Gras is to New Orleans. Sin City parties for at least a week surrounding All Hallow’s Eve—just like an ... more
NightlifeThey doth protest
Poetry is doing brisk business with a queue snaking around its stanchions. Owner Mike Goodwin shakes hands with customers loyal since the hip-hop club’s 2003 ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThree questions with STS9 bassist David Murphy
Vegoose or no Vegoose, Santa Cruz, Cali-based jam band STS9 is heading back to Vegas this weekend to get some feet tapping. Bassist David Murphy ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSex, lies and cardboard acting
To those of us in Las Vegas, the scandal surrounding the death of casino mogul Ted Binion is a historical event. But to the rest ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBack to Basics
“It feels like it’s kinda time.” Not much of an epitaph, perhaps, but that’s what Mark T. Zeilman offers in the way of final words ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFive strange observations from last Saturday’s Jimmy Buffett street party
A man with six tequila-filled shot glasses and six limed Coronas on his belt. A half-Elvis, half-Parrothead costume, complete with sideburns, golden glasses and a ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAwash in history
The Las Vegas Valley is a broad bowl that slopes gently to the east and south, and every molecule of water in the valley, if ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe waiting is over
Test Market theater company is once again beating back the bourgeois and complacent with its sixth annual Beckett Festival. more
Divine intervention (and nuts!)
“Don’t you want someone smarter than me to be president?” the Divine Miss M asked a crowd at Krave Monday evening. more
Arts and EntertainmentRough reception
Ten local metal bands performed at Shredfest 2008, touted as “the most brutal event of the year.” But maybe fans didn’t feel like being brutalized. more
Arts and EntertainmentApples and oranges
Margarita by the yard, meet iPhone. MacBook, may we present football filled with beer. more
More to love
The crowd had thinned considerably after 12 hours of music, but Sneak Attack Media showcase headliners More Amor nevertheless remained in high spirits throughout the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Killers
An encore performance of “Home Means Nevada” earned The Killers ingenuity points Monday night, but their ungainly flub, and subsequent restart, of the state’s official ... more


ScreenFlow: For Love of Water
Like a lot of advocacy documentaries, Flow takes on an important issue in the broadest manner possible, making sweeping, scary statements about dangers facing the ... more
ScreenPolice story
Constructed almost entirely out of cop-drama clichés, Pride and Glory is a meat-and-potatoes thriller with very little meat (it does at one point feature a ... more

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A worthy indulgence
TasteLet’s call the menu eclectic; the chef, a passionate young Hawaiian, Don Espaniola, literally does foods from all over the planet. And he’s quick to tell you he makes virtually everything from scratch.




CD Cover AC/DC
It’s a little absurd to think that it took eight years for AC/DC to crank out Black Ice, since it sounds like it was created by a particularly adept AC/DC-simulating ...
CD Cover Bloc Party
Bloc Party very quietly released its third studio album digitally in August, a full two months before physical copies arrived in stores.
CD Cover Escape the Fate
To recap: Escape the Fate has weathered significant drama in the past few years including the departure of guitarist Omar Espinosa and dismissal of singer Ronnie Radke. Now the foursome ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Oct 23, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Grilled & Chilled Tequila

Made tableside only, and with quite a few steps of preparation, it's advisable to leave it to the Tequila Temptresses of T&T to do the work for you. They'll caramelize ...