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Best in PrintList. Bond list.
Bond expert (and spy-in-training) T.R. Witcher takes you through the ouevre—with some rankings thrown in read article
Best in PrintThe Bond Awards
The Bests and The Worsts read article
Best in PrintIs our economy at the point where it’s worth considering the UNCONSIDERABLE?
An exploration into risky ideas read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionRex and the city
Vegas Rex looks her up and down, and then asks the attractive hostess assigned to give us a tour of Minus 5, “Will the cold ... more
What’s past is prologue
With a floundering economy and a post-election feeling that the country may be ready for a more sustainable society, the planning and design philosophy known ... more
The IntersectionHow Green is our Valley?
Green is such a loaded word now. Do you mean green good, like ecologically sound and sustainable? Or green bad, like rolling hills of lush ... more
On January 21, George W. Bush starts his new career as an ex-president. How will President Bush spend his time? more
Amen Corner: Democrats take over Nevada
The overwhelming victory by Barack Obama was something we’ll always be proud we were a part of, but don’t forget about the Democratic victories in ... more
The Help Desk
New Walmart opening in Las Vegas. And the fact that it’s No. 1 on our list shows just how close the economic apocalypse really is. ... more


NightlifeRevolution to get by with a little help from its friends at Light Group
The Light Group, famous for its fertile quadrangle at Bellagio (formed by The Bank, Caramel, Fix and Yellowtail), is now placing the final piece for ... more
NightlifeWorkin’ a room
Pockets and pocketbooks bursting with business cards, they attack networking functions at nightclubs and bars with varying amounts of ferocity and restraint. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentIn the presence of the Author
Just past a sign that read, “Do Not Enter. Private Party,” there he was, the Mystery-Monster-Miracle Maker himself, Neil Gaiman. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe book on Obama
Will the election of Barack Obama, a skilled writer himself, have some impact on American literary culture? more
Arts and EntertainmentFour questions with Q-Tip
After nine years of work, Q-Tip has released a new album and is hitting Vegas on November 16th. Weekly talked up the rapper and heard ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOh, how the Seasons change in Jersey
Jersey Boys’ narrative pours real blood into the veins of The Four Seasons’ members, bringing to life the times and culture that produced them. more
Arts and EntertainmentStargazing(1 comment)
Judging from the throng queuing up for autographs and handshakes outside Zia Record Exchange, it’s a safe guess a well-known visiting headliner has just stepped ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGame plan (1 comment)
Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and … The Day After? Not the most likely musical combination, yet all three have been tapped for the forthcoming PopStar Guitar ... more
Arts and EntertainmentMadonna
At 50, Madonna’s in better shape than ever, and she kept pace move for move with her much younger troupe of dancers, all while singing ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLiterary Las Vegas
The Vegas Valley Book Festival, which wrapped up last week, can be understood as the community’s attempt to find a place for itself on the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHomie don’t play that anymore
“For the last 12 years, I’ve been this guy, ‘Homie’ … and then you wake up one morning, and that whole part of your life ... more
Arts and EntertainmentNot shaken, not stirred
Beer and Bond—if it’s not a match made in the movies, where the spy favors martinis, it’s now one made in certain movie theaters. more


ScreenSpacebabes, aliens, pimps, prostitutes and wounded soldiers(1 comment)
Not known for its film making scene, Las Vegas has been responsible for at least five films released to DVD in the past year. more
ScreenBreakneck Bond
There are those who like James Bond frothy, and those who like him dark. After many decades of mostly froth, the Daniel Craig era has ... more

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Small-town sensations
TasteThe charming little hamlet of Boulder City has a historic downtown, lots of resident cheerleaders and, believe it or not, more than its share of decent places to eat.




CD Cover Hush Arbors
For anyone not yet immersed in the New Weird America psychedelic-folk movement, Hush Arbors’ new self-titled album makes for a nifty point of entry.
CD Cover Hungry Cloud
When Mike Weller performed in my living room in February, he fashioned a makeshift guitar strap out of a shoelace from my wife’s closet.
CD Cover Squarepusher
There was a very short period, around 1996-1997, when you couldn’t tell Richard D. James’ Aphex Twin project from Tom Jenkinson’s Squarepusher project.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Nov 13, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Harvest Spice

Yep, back at SushiSamba again for the last in a series of kick-ass cocktails, this one incorporating the world's first super-premium ginger liqueur, Domaine de Canton, which is currently tearing ...